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Английский язык

Дата: 12 декабря в 12:51, Обновлено 12 декабря в 12:54

Дистанционная олимпиада «Умники и умницы – 2018/2019»

Английский язык

1 тур 10 класс

I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense forms (14 points).

It … (1 - to happen) last August at the airport. A few weeks ago, a group of us … (2 - to decide) to go together for a holiday. When we … (3 - to wait) in the queue at the passport control I suddenly … (4 - to realize) that I … (5 - to leave) my passport at home. I … (6 - to ring) my parents, but they … (7 - to work) in the garden. Luckily, my mother … (8 - to hear) the phone. My passport … (9 - to find) in my trousers pocket. My mother said: “If you … (10 - to take) a taxi this minute, you …(11 - to be) able to get to the plane in time.” I … (12 – to run) all the way to the plane and when at last I … (13 – to get) on it the passengers (14 – to start) clapping.

II. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate articles (11 points).

He is taking 15) … holiday next week before starting 16) … work again. He is going to spend  17) … few days in 18) … Alps with 19) … friend and then go to 20) … Lake Balaton. They meet in 21) … Lime Street and take 22) … bus to 23) … Heathrow Airport. In 24) … half 25) … hour they’ll be there.

III. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions (11 points).

This is our first real holiday 26) … ages. We arrived 27) … this place 28) … Monday morning 29) … about eleven o’clock. Unfortunately we had to wait 30) … our flight 31) … the airport 32) … quite a long time. It’s nice here. We can get 33) … the beach 34) …five minutes. We go 35) … every evening and usually sleep 36) … eleven o’clock in the morning.

IV. Choose the correct option (14 points).

37. We couldn’t find the hotel and it was getting dark … we had to ask the way.

a) so     b) and     c) but     d) if

38. The Mediterranean Sea is not … the Red Sea.

a) saltier    b) saltiest    c) so salty as     d) more salty

39) Kate has eaten … Andrew has.

a) littler than     b) less than    c) less as    d) less then

40. She is a real bookworm.

a) Neither am I.     b) So I am.     c) So do I.     d) So am I.

41. I remember … a newspaper but I have no idea where I have put it.

a) buying     b) to buy     c) buy     d) bought

42. Jason is … child in his family.

a) the only     b) a lonely     c) one     d) an only

43. Then she came up to … .

a) the door of the building     b) the door of building     c) the building’s door   

d) building’s door

44. Unfortunately we had to wait for the train … than we expected.

a) more longer     b) much more longer    c) much longer    d) much longer time

45) Very few children like Brussels sprouts and I don’t like it … .

a) too    b) either    c) neither     d) also

46) Ann has worked very … recently.

a) hardly    b) heavily     c) heavy     d) hard

47) When we were on holiday we …. a lot of photos.

a) took    b) made    c) did    d) maked

48) Nobody … David was able to complete the course with excellent results.

a) except     b) besides     c) beside    d) accept

49. The game started … the rain.

a) in spite    b) although     c) despite     d) because

50) It was … idea to organize a surprise party for Nelson.

a) Tom and Tina’s     b) Tom’s and Tina’s     c) Tom’s and Tina     d) Tom and Tina

V. Complete the sentences changing the words in brackets (10 points).

51. My first … (IMPRESS) of him was favourable.

52. It’s quite … (NATURE) for a man to feel proud.

53. The driver had a … (DIFFICULT) in controlling the car.

54. He packed all his things … (CARE) into the bag.

55. One can … (EASY) lose his way in this forest.

56. The weather in autumn here is very … (CHANGE).

57. Carol and Andy have just moved into a new … (NEIGHBOUR).

58. I am a terrible guitar player. I am really … (HOPE).

59. Nobody could find the … (SOLVE) to that problem. It was far too difficult.

60. He gave me such an … (FRIEND) look that I shivered.  

VI. Find a fragment with a mistake (5 points).

61. All the students (1) were extremely terrifying (2) by the difficulty of the test (3) the teacher gave them (4).

62. There in the middle of the forest (1) it was a tiny house (2) with small dirty windows (3) and a thatched roof (4).

63. The car what Alex bought (1) was a small and old one (2) but it still seemed to be (3) in a very good condition (4).

64. I remember quite well (1) that we had a lovely sunny weather (2) the whole time (3) we were there (4).

65. I think you should stop (1) to work (2) and leave at 5 o’clock as (3) everyone else here (4).

TOTAL: 65 points

Дистанционная олимпиада «Умники и умницы – 2018/2019»

Английский язык

1 тур 9 класс

I. Open the brackets and put the verbs into the correct tense form (15 points).

  1. Mike … (to talk) to Ken at the moment, I wonder how long they … (to talk) so far.
  2. She … (to lie) in bed when she … (to hear) a noise in the garden.
  3. My bus … (to leave) in 30 minutes.
  4. We all hope we … (to pass) the test successfully tomorrow.
  5. It’s the first time Uncle John … (to ask) me what I would like for Christmas.
  6. The man … (not to notice) the car because he … (to talk) on the phone.
  7. When the rain … (to start) she … (to understand) that she … (to leave) her umbrella at home.
  8. If we … (to have) a break, we … (not to finish) work on time.
  9. Mike’s dad … (not to buy) a car yet.

II. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions (15 points).

  1. They fell … love … first sight when they met … their friends’ wedding.
  2. Families usually try to spend time together … a Christmas Day.
  3. I usually get up early … the morning but … Sunday mornings I stay … bed until 10 o’clock.
  4. We always have tests … the end of each topic.
  5. Richard had too many problems with his car so … the end he sold it.
  6. The Smiths live … 36 Victoria street.
  7. When we looked … of the window we saw that one of the houses … our street was … fire.
  8. Maria is keen … reading. These days she is reading “War and peace” … Tolstoy.

III. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate articles (15 points).

  1. Jack comes from … United Kingdom of … Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That’s … official name of … country. He lives in … Highlands, which are in … northern part of … country.
  2. You can hardly find … person who doesn’t believe in keeping fit. So I cycle to … work now. But ten years ago I had … good office job. I bought … car and drove it every day. I stopped playing … tennis and going for … long walks at … weekend. Instead I had … regular lunch.


IV. Substitute the italicized parts of the sentences with the given phrasal verbs. Mind the tense forms!!! (10 points)

cut down on          give back          eat out         fall out         break out          go on           

let down         break down         run out         take up

  1. He was in his early thirties when he decided to start jogging.
  2. They were watching an important match when their TV-set suddenly stopped working.
  3. If you want to be fitter you have to eat less bread and sugar.
  4. They haven’t seen each other since they quarreled last month.
  5. I haven’t returned the book because I’m still reading it.
  6. What is happening here?
  7. We have been friends for years and he has never disappointed me.
  8. Please, finish writing your tests, our time is finishing.
  9. The fire started suddenly in the middle of the night.
  10. I like having meals not at home but the prices these days are so high that I don’t do it very often.

V. Complete the sentences changing the words in brackets (8 points).

  1. Julia’s … (RELATION) with Carlos lasted for two years.
  2. My best friend always helps me with my … (PERSON) problems.
  3. I haven’t got enough … (CONFIDENT) to speak in public.
  4. Roger always loses things, he is so … (CARE).
  5. After I had stopped going to the gym I gained a lot of … (WEIGH).
  6. She may be friendly, but she isn’t … (RELY).
  7. What’s the … (HIGH) of that mountain?
  8. Grandma told us some interesting stories about her … (CHILD).

VI. Translate into English (12 points).

  1. Everyone can (делать) mistakes.
  2. There are very … (мало) lumps of sugar left.
  3. Have you ever … (делал) any farm work?
  4. How … (много) sugar do you take in your tea?
  5. We haven’t … (сделали) any plans for the weekend yet.
  6. We have very … (мало) work to do today.
  7. The boys started to work … (намного) harder recently.
  8. These days people buy … (меньше) newspapers than they used to.
  9. There isn’t … (много) interesting news in the paper today.
  10. Can you … (сделать) me a favour?
  11. Now I have … (меньше) time to read than I used to have when I was child.
  12. She jogs every morning and it … (делает) her a lot of good.

TOTAL: 75 points

Дистанционная олимпиада «Умники и умницы – 2018/2019»

Английский язык

1 тур 8 класс

I. Open the brackets putting the verbs into Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple or Past Continuous (15*1=15 points).

  1. What  you … (to watch) on TV yesterday?
  2. I … (to see) you yesterday while you … (to get) on the bus
  3. Italian shoes are very expensive. They … (to cost) a lot of money.
  4. You can turn off the radio. I … (not to listen) to it.
  5. We must hurry up. Our bus … (to leave) in 20 minutes.
  6. Tom and Sarah … (to do) their homework at 7 o’clock yesterday.
  7. What time your classes normally … (to start) on Mondays?
  8. The water … (to boil). I’ll make tea.
  9. Dozens of couples … (to dance) while the orchestra … (to play).
  10. Yesterday Liz … (to get) up very late and … (to have) a big cup of strong black coffee.
  11. Where is John? – He is in the kitchen. He … (to cook) dinner.
  12. Sue is a very quiet person. She … (not to talk) very much.

II. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate articles a/an/the (30*0.5=15 points).

  1. Amanda is … student. She wants to become … journalist in the future.
  2. What’s for … dinner? – Mum is cooking … chicken.
  3. … lunch we had yesterday at that restaurant was … best lunch I have ever had.
  4. I bought … bottle of milk and half … loaf of … bread. I put … milk into … fridge and … bread into … bread-box
  5. … Naroch is one of … most beautiful lakes in … Republic of Belarus.
  6. It has always been my dream to visit … UK and … Japan.
  7. “The Titanic” sank in … Atlantic Ocean on … fourteenth of April after it had hit … iceberg.
  8. My parents and I are going to have … skiing holiday in … Alps.
  9. … L/lake Baikal is one of … cleanest lakes in … world.
  10.  … Paris is … capital of … France and its … largest city.

III. Choose the correct preposition (20*0.5=10 points).

  1. Don’t turn (in/on/off) the radio. I love this song!
  2. Hurry up! The bus won’t be waiting (to/for/-) you.
  3. There, (in/on/at) the picture, Harry saw smiling faces of his parents.
  4. It isn’t the best idea to walk (under/on/in) the rain without an umbrella.
  5. Emily doesn’t go out (at/in/during) night because she is afraid (of/about/for) the dark.
  6. Unfortunately, I have never been (in/to/at) Italy.
  7. My mother was very angry (at/with/on) me (for/about/with) my bad behaviour.
  8. Do you usually get to school (in/on/by) bus or (in/on/by) foot?
  9. Wait a bit, I will be ready (in/on/at) a moment.
  10. What are you doing (in/on/at) the moment?
  11. We arrived (in/at/-) London (in/on/at) a cold foggy morning.
  12. It was still dark (in/on/at) the street when Jim arrived (in/at/-) his office.
  13. Call me as soon as you arrive (in/at/-) home.
  14. Could you read this newspaper article (to/about/for) me, please?
  15. If you had listened (-/for/to) the teacher, you wouldn’t have failed the test.

IV. Complete the sentences changing the words in brackets. Use suffixes -ment, -ant (-ent), -ance -hood, -ful, -ness (1*10=10 points).

  1. I believe that London is a … (WONDER) city full of places of interest.
  2. It seemed that everybody around was filled with … (EXCITING) before the holiday.
  3. I wish you all … (HAPPY) and luck.
  4. The … (PARTICIPATE) of the competitions were very nervous.
  5. What is your greatest … (ACHIEVE)?
  6. Their … (KIND) surprised the little boy.
  7. From his early … (CHILDREN) he dreamt of becoming a … (SUCCESS) businessman when he grows up.
  8. You should be … (RESPECT) to the people who are much older than you.
  9. The … (IMPORTANT) of learning foreign languages can’t be overestimated.

V. Choose the correct variant (10*1=10 points).

1. The book is … than the film.

a) much interesting     b) interestinger     c) much more interesting     d) much interestinger

2. … went out in the streets to celebrate the holiday.

a) hundreds people     b) hundreds of people     c) hundred of people     d) hundred people

3. Don’t help them, they can do everything … .

a) themselfs     b) theirselves     c) theirselves     d) themselves

4. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked him for a … of advice.

a) piece     b) part     c) peace     d) some

5. This term my results are … than last term.

a) much gooder     b) more better     c) more gooder     d) much better

6. She is only fifteen. She is … to drive a car.

a) too young     b) young enough     c) enough young     d) much young

7. I’ve never driven a Ferrari. - …

a) So have I.     b) I haven’t too.     c) Neither have I.     d) So haven’t I.

8. I’ve got … apples. Let’s make an apple pie.

a) a little     b) little     c) few     d) a few

9. When I was little I … sleeping during the daytime.

a) didn’t use liking     b) didn’t use to like    c) didn’t used liking     d) didn’t use like

10. The room was absolutely empty, there wasn’t … there.

a) something     b) anything     c) nothing     d) everything

TOTAL: 60 points

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